The Body Action System is a MMA Exercise system devised by UFC Heavy Weight Champion Sebastian ‘Bas’ Rutten. is the primary sales site for this revolutionary home exercise product, and when they needed help with their web shop, they turned to Decisionary. We have partnered with BAS over the past several months, assisting their marketing and sales teams in first migrating to WooCommerce from the Shopp ecommerce platform, and implementing an integration that tightly coupled WooCommerce with their third party fulfillment warehouse.  During this time we helped in modernizing their theme to make the site more mobile friendly as well as various other Conversion Rate Optimization tweaks. We have implemented several custom plugins on top of WooCommerce for BAS, allowing them to more easily see sales activity and to integrate the flow of that information with various third party software that BAS uses as part of their tracking and management process, giving the owner and her team greater access to their data.  Having tied these systems and processes together, we have been instrumental in empowering sales and marketing for BAS by providing powerful insight into sales activities with timely reports that allow them to quickly respond to changing market conditions and judge the efficacy of their marketing and sales spend.  Better Business through Engineering!