Parting is such sweet sorrow.  We loved working on your project with you, and helping your business solve its urgent issues.  By now, you know that we focus on solving real business problems with our software, and that beyond just saying that, we do it as well.  Though we try our hardest to have maximum impact with every project we touch, the road to improving your business never ends.  So why part at all? We offer all of our clients a 20% discount off their next project with us.  There is one small catch (there always is).  All you have to do to claim your 20% discount with Decisionary is refer someone you know who is in need of an awesome software team to help them solve their business problems.  If your referral decides to work with Decisionary (and let us know you referred them), we will let you know and you’ll get 20% off the top of your next project with us.  Simple, right?